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Money Stumbles For You To Avoid

Consumer Reports magazine highlights the top “7 money stumbles to avoid,” and lists “not updating your [estate plan] and beneficiaries” as the number one stumble. The article highlights CR’s finding that 86% of respondents hadn’t updated their estate planning documents or beneficiary designations within the previous five years and then talks about situations in which that

The Talk You Didn’t Have With Your Parents Could Cost You

This New York Times article does a good job of highlighting a bad-case scenario where there wasn’t enough communication about financial affairs between a mother and her daughters. Although it can often be difficult, I almost always encourage my clients to talk with their adult children about their estate plan and their wishes. Often, we will

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The Good News and The Real News

For those of you who follow such things, the passing of the 2013 Tax Act – which established a $5.25M per person estate tax exemption (indexed for inflation) was welcome news for higher net worth families. But estate planning and financial professionals warn (as illustrated in this NY Times article titled “Estate Planning Remains a Moving

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