Coffee cup and coffee beans

On Monday, November 19th, we’ll be hosting our first-ever Kaiser Law Group Coffee Chat from 3-6 p.m. It’s an “open office hours”-style event. We just ask that you let us know that you are planning to come by so we can expect you.

I’m not a coffee drinker – more of a hot chocolate guy (no whipped cream, no marshmallows), so why are we doing a coffee chat?

It’s an opportunity for our clients (and their guests) to drop by in an informal setting to say hello and chat about anything on their mind over coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

The idea behind this event is to give our clients a chance to connect with our team about anything that’s been on their mind concerning their estate plan, their assets, or their family. Sometimes, the opportunity to connect in a more relaxed manner can feel easier or less “serious” than setting a formal appointment.

We expect clients to have questions/discussion points about topics such as:

  • Expected changes in the estate tax law between now and the year 2025
  • Tax-efficient charitable giving (and use of donor-advised charitable giving funds)
  • Proper funding/retitling of assets into living trusts
  • Enhanced protection for beneficiaries for retirement assets (e.g. IRA, 401(k), etc.)

If you would like to join us or have any questions about the event, please contact Lorie Salcedo at or 562-343-2843.