My guess is when you searched Google on what exactly Estate Planning Paralegals do, your search provided a very ordinary, solid, routine list of tasks.

Estate Planning Paralegals support the attorney by talking and meeting with clients.

Estate Planning Paralegals also prepare drafts of trusts, wills and other estate planning documents.

I have been working as an Estate Planning Paralegal for over a decade, and as a Senior Paralegal with Curtis and Kaiser Law Group for the last 2 years.   And, yes, of course, at Kaiser Law Group our estate planning paralegals do all those very ordinary, solid, routine tasks, but Curtis and I believe that our Estate Planning Paralegals do much more.  In fact, we believe our Estate Planning Paralegals at Kaiser Law Group are the heart of the KLG family and are relentlessly dedicated to supporting, guiding and helping our clients and their families through their Estate Planning journey.

  1. Our Estate Planning Paralegals Will Support You: Before you meet with Curtis for the first time, our estate planning Paralegals are carefully supporting you and your family. We do not simply drop a massive pile of documents on Curtis’s desk for him to tediously review prior to a client meeting. Our Paralegals will speak with you prior to your appointment and gather additional information or clarify your concerns. Our Paralegals will review your client questionnaire, client-provided documentation, and trust documents and then provide a detailed outline for Curtis to review. Our Paralegals truly care about getting to know about you and your family before you even walk through the door.
  2. Our Estate Planning Paralegals Will Guide You: Once you meet with Curtis, our estate planning Paralegals will carefully guide you through the firm’s estate planning processes. We do not simply tap your personal information into a streamlined database to produce formula driven documents. Our Paralegals will guide you through difficult decisions and provide you with thoughtful explanations as to how those decisions will affect you and your family upon your passing. Our Paralegals will then incorporate those thoughtful decisions into your estate planning documents. Most importantly, our Paralegals will respond to your questions with care and patience to guide you towards signing your documents. Our Paralegals understand that your personal situation is just that—personal–and strive to guide you smoothly through the process.
  3. Our Estate Planning Paralegals Will Help You: After you sign your estate planning documents our estate planning Paralegals will continue to help you. Our client-paralegal relationship does not simply end as soon as you sign your estate planning documents. Our Paralegals will review your file and make sure we have completed each task agreed upon. If there are any follow-up items after your signing appointment, our Paralegals will connect with you personally to confirm you have everything you need. Bottom line, our Paralegals do not stop until the job is complete.

I know that every estate planning Firm has a solid structure of routine tasks for their Paralegals. At Kaiser Law Group, beyond those ordinary tasks, and at the heart of the KLG family, is our estate planning Paralegals who provide clients and families with valuable support and guidance to help them through the estate planning process.

Jennifer MacDonnell serves as an Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration Paralegal at the firm.