Lorie SalcedoWOW! I can’t believe I just celebrated my (lucky) 13th-year anniversary with the firm in August. Not many employees today can say that they have been with the same employer for that long.  Studies say that most employees in 2019 stay at an employer for 3.2 years.  Yikes, I would be on my 4th employer by now!!

I remember first getting the call to come in for an interview.  It was summertime and my youngest boy, Spencer (who is now a junior at Millikan high school and on the varsity golf team), was 3 years old.  I was looking for a part time job that was close to home and flexible.  My sons and I were at Alamitos Bay with friends, when I received a call from a recruiter.  The following day I met with Curtis and that was the start of this wonderful journey of growth and teamwork.

Our first (very, VERY small) office was on the corner of Ocean Blvd. and La Verne.  We both worked maybe 2 -3 days per week part-time.  We shared a desk and shared the office with his brother, Loren and his team.  Curtis was not married and had no kids. He would ride his bike to the office and sometimes bring his dog.  It’s hard to believe that I watched his life evolve to getting married, purchasing and renovating a house, having 2 wonderful kids (Delaney and Chase) and we are now in a much more professional office with an amazing view of Recreation Golf Course and the ocean.

When we moved into this office 8 years ago, we first shared on one of the single offices between Curtis and I (but now had our own desks!).  The other attorney eventually moved out and then we again shared the office with his brother Loren and his sales team.  Both businesses were continuing to grow so Curtis’ brother moved out in 2016 and we now have the suite to ourselves.  Our team has been continuing to expand and evolve as well.  Our current staff consists of two Paralegals, a Legal Clerk, a Legal Intern, a Of Counsel Attorney, an off-site Firm Administrator, and me (the office’s client coordinator and Curtis’ assistant).

We are all constantly looking for ways to improve.  Whether it be our processes, our approach or our services offered, we have our clients and their loved ones’ best interests in mind.  In 2017, we implemented a CRM program that helps our team better track the progress of each client file and be available to more quickly assist our clients.  At the beginning of this year we introduced our Legacy/Client Care program.  This program was created to assist our clients in aligning their assets so that their trust works properly, and we can take better care of their family during their lifetime and after they pass.  With our client base growing, our staff has had to grow as well.  Each team member has a specific role that supports Curtis and our clients in a manner that helps our office run efficiently so that we can be calmly and efficiently responsive to our clients’ needs.

In looking back, I attribute the growth and success of the firm to Curtis’s wonderful, caring nature along with the incredible team that he has built.  We all share the same vision that if we take actions and make decisions for the benefit of:  (1) our clients; (2) our clients’ trusted advisors; and (3) our team members…then the firm will be successful.  It is our goal to handle each individual client and their needs with thought, kindness and expertise.  Every day I am appreciative for the opportunity to be part of the KLG team and for having a front row seat to the evolution of Kaiser Law Group.

Lorie Salcedo joined the firm thirteen years ago and currently serves as Curtis’s assistant and client relationship director.  Lorie is our clients’ first point of contact.  Her always-friendly and patient nature earns rave reviews and helps put clients at ease.