About Kaiser Law Group

Since its inception nearly a decade ago, Kaiser Law Group has been helping individuals and small business owners navigate the deep waters of estate planning. We focus on building mutual relationships with clients and their advisors rather than merely producing documents or conducting legal transactions.

As a boutique estate planning practice, Kaiser Law Group is exceptional in handling the intersection of legal and emotional or other sensitive issues that are often identified by a client’s trusted advisor. The Kaiser Law Group specializes in “Purposeful Estate Planning for the Millionaire Next Door™,” many of whom are small business owners or investors.

Curtis Kaiser, JD/MBA, works closely with financial advisors, CPAs, and other trusted advisors to guide clients through the entire estate planning process. Curtis adeptly counsels families and individuals on creating estate plans that minimize taxes, costs, and complications while maximizing simplicity, ease of implementation, and family harmony. Mr. Kaiser is one of only three Board Certified Specialists in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law in the Long Beach, California, area.

Curtis is proficient in Spanish and a number of his clients prefer to communicate with him in their native Spanish.