About Kaiser Law Group

Since its inception in 2007, Kaiser Law Group has been helping individuals and small business owners direct the future of their legacies through estate planning and continual advice. The firm focuses on building mutual relationships with clients and their advisors rather than merely producing documents or conducting legal transactions.

Kaiser Law Group is exceptional at handling the inevitable emotional factors that arise from the legal processes of estate planning. The entire team is respectful of sensitive issues, technical or sentimental, that may surface once engaged in legacy planning. In fact, clients’ trusted advisors often refer to Kaiser Law Group for this expertise.

The Kaiser Law Group advocates “Purposeful Estate Planning for the Millionaire Next Door®.” You might be familiar with the book “The Millionaire Next Door” from the 1990s. These are people who earn through business ownership and investments, are more value conscious than status oriented, and also live beneath their means to build long-term wealth.

Taking it a step further, Kaiser Law Group supports combining the habits of the Millionaire Next Door with the philosophy of “Purposeful Planning.” This is based on the belief that creating technically competent and accurate estate planning documents is not enough to sustain generational family wealth in all its forms, beyond only financial wealth.

Kaiser Law Group leads in aligning assets with an estate plan for the client’s current situation and continues to adjust the plan’s strategy over time. They’ve found it is important to proactively and reactively update the trust language to reflect changes in goals, assets, family situation and the law. Through family and advisor meetings to ensure that everyone understands their role and purpose of the estate plan, the plan is dynamic and flexible. They take the lead with many of their clients on creating legacy letters to add color and heart to the estate plan by sharing family wisdom and wishes for beneficiaries.

Simply stated, a completed estate plan is not the finale of a client’s relationship with Kaiser Law Group, it is only the beginning.