Five Reasons to Embrace the Emotional Side of Estate Planning

As we are enjoying these last few days and weeks of summer, perhaps travelling or spending time at the beach, is it possible that estate planning isn’t the first thing on our minds? 😊 When you hear the phrase “estate plan,” you might first think about paperwork. Or your mind might land on some of the

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Discretionary / Continuing Trusts – How to Protect Beneficiaries and Their Inheritance from Bad Decisions, Divorce or Outside Influences

Although leaving your hard-earned assets outright to your adult children, grandchildren, or other beneficiaries after you die may seem like the easiest and most desired form of distribution for the beneficiaries, this scheme will make their inheritance easier prey for creditors, predators (e.g. lawsuits), and divorcing spouses.  Instead, consider using discretionary trusts (aka continuing trusts) for

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Successful Trust Administration – A Map for Your Treasure

I’m an Estate Planning paralegal with a focus on Trust Administration.  Trust administration is the process of carrying out the terms and wishes of the creators of the trust because something has happened to them – such as incapacity or their passing away.  Unfortunately, in all the years that I have been a Trust Administration Paralegal,

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What Does an Estate Planning Paralegal Do? Google It.

My guess is when you searched Google on what exactly Estate Planning Paralegals do, your search provided a very ordinary, solid, routine list of tasks. Estate Planning Paralegals support the attorney by talking and meeting with clients. Estate Planning Paralegals also prepare drafts of trusts, wills and other estate planning documents. I have been working as

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Three Legal Strategies When Facing A Major Health Event

I started writing this blog post a couple of months ago before the health issue that I’ve been dealing with for a few decades became a more near-term focus. I hope that it can be helpful to our clients and friends who have faced or are facing personal or family health issues of their own. I

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Excellent Customer Service. Is It Still Important?

Whatever type of business you have, customer service will always be important. How does it feel when you call a business and they remember who you are? It feels awesome, right?  It is like when Norm (from the 1980’s sitcom "Cheers") walks into the bar and what happens…wait for it………. Everyone yells, "NORM!"  It feels like

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Four Easy to Avoid Mistakes People Make at Tax Time

It’s that time of year again: tax season. No one enjoys doing their taxes, and that is likely why many of us leave this tedious task to the last…possible…moment. As Tax Day approaches, millions of Americans are likely scrambling to track down all of their important documents to meet the April 15 deadline. But as with

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How Is a Corporate Trustee Different?

In its simplest terms, a trust is a legal arrangement in which a trustee holds and manages assets for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries. The trustee owns the assets, enters into contracts on behalf of the trust, manages the trust’s investments as its trustee, and follows the trust’s instructions on making distributions. A trustee

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