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Do It Now: Name a Guardian for Your Minor Child(ren)

We know it’s hard. Thinking about someone else raising your children stops us all in our tracks. It feels crushing and too horrific to consider. But you must. If you don’t, a stranger will determine who raises your children if something happens to you - your child’s guardian could be a relative you despise or even

Who should I pick to be successor trustee?

When you create a living trust, you usually need to choose who to name as your successor trustee. It is crucial that this decision is not taken lightly and that the right person is selected for the job. Role of Successor Trustee If you become incapacitated, your successor trustee will step into your shoes and take

The Missing Link in Your Estate Plan

This article from the Wall Street Journal and Smart Money magazine briefly discusses the benefits of creating a Letter of Last Instruction.  This is a document that you would prepare along with your estate plan to give your children or other loved ones guidance on how to help if you pass away or become incapacitated.  The

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