Simple But Powerful Planning Opportunities For 2020 and Beyond

Under today’s laws, very few American families need to worry about the 40% estate tax being applied to their loved ones’ inheritances. An individual can pass $11.58M without estate tax and a married couple just over $23M. However, under tomorrow’s laws (tomorrow being the end of 2025), more families will need to be creative to avoid estate tax – the

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What Does an Estate Planning Paralegal Do? Google It.

My guess is when you searched Google on what exactly Estate Planning Paralegals do, your search provided a very ordinary, solid, routine list of tasks. Estate Planning Paralegals support the attorney by talking and meeting with clients. Estate Planning Paralegals also prepare drafts of trusts, wills and other estate planning documents. I have been working as

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Four Easy to Avoid Mistakes People Make at Tax Time

It’s that time of year again: tax season. No one enjoys doing their taxes, and that is likely why many of us leave this tedious task to the last…possible…moment. As Tax Day approaches, millions of Americans are likely scrambling to track down all of their important documents to meet the April 15 deadline. But as with

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Curtis’ thoughts on Purposeful Planning

Purposeful Planning; An Exploration & Explanation Kaiser Law Group’s ‘tagline’ is “Purposeful Estate Planning for the Millionaire Next Door.”  Many of our clients and colleagues know our appreciation for Thomas Stanley and William Danko’s late 1990’s classic book, The Millionaire Next Door, which extols the virtues of living beneath your means (“playing good defense”), investing in

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3 Things You Must Do Once Your Divorce Is Final

The divorce process can be long and expensive.  However, the work does not end once the divorce decree is signed. In order to ensure that your assets and estate planning wishes are carried out in light of this major life change, there are three things you must do as soon as possible. Change Beneficiary Designation On

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